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Bob Coles (-Oct 2000)


Bob Coles was the Aldworth scorer for more than 50 years. He was born in the village, lived most of his life within the parish, and died only a few yards from his birthplace. He loved cricket, and collected a substantial library of cricketing books, not to mention Aldworth scorebooks going back to the 1930's. Most of the historical records available on this site are based on his work.

Many people will remember him sitting in his car by the side of the village hall, chatting to the passing players and spectators, and particularly to the children. At his funeral, the church was packed, a tribute to his popularity and endless cheerfulness.

Outside The Four Points pub, where he was a regular, is a bench dedicated to his memory; and to commemorate his dedication to Aldworth cricket for half a century, his sister Joyce and sister-in-law Emily have presented a trophy, to be awarded to the most promising young player in the club each year. The inaugural recipient was Dan Collins in 2002. As their tribute, the Cricket Club installed a clock on the front of the pavilion, above a simple plaque recording Bob's service.

We all miss him.